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With a near absence of BattleMech forces within the Alliance, Ouworlds military leaders turn to conventional and irregular means of warfare to slow down opponents.

Factory: None [M], Any [V]

Reserve: Light [M], Any [V]
Support: Any

Aero: Players may add (1), standard HE bomb to each fighter in the MegaMek lobby.

Artillery: Activate the "Accurate" Quirk on any artillery units.

Infantry: Players may add (1) additional Medium or Heavy Infantry Platoon per full Lance.




The Chasseurs have played a vital role in the Magistracy Armed Forces since its founding. Backed by wealth and influence, the Chasseurs are the elite of the Canopian military arm.

Factory: Light, Medium, Heavy

Reserve: Light, Medium
Support: Aerospace Fighter, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus:+1 to Team Initiative if all (non-Support) units have a Running/Flanking speed of 8 or greater.

Overrun: In lieu of adding any Team Initiative bonus, players may deactivate Front-Loaded Initiative in the MegaMek lobby. Units must still have a Running/Flanking speed of 8 MP or greater.

Ambush: If the army skill sum of all (non-Support) units is 8.0 or better, Chasseurs Á Cheval may deploy to Edge and force their opponents to deploy to Center.



The Taurian Concordat's house units are the last line of defense against foreign invaders. They employ an intelligent and effective method to warfare, making attackers pay for every inch of ground.

Factory: Any

Reserve: Medium, Heavy [M], Any [V]
Support: Field Gunners, Light Infantry (w/APC), Medium Infantry, VTOL

Attacking: May deploy an additional Infantry Platoon per full Lance.

Defending: Taurian Guards receive (1), 10-point minefield per non-Support unit deployed. These may be Conventional, Vibro-, or Active mines.

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