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General Formations are available to all Factions and represent the most common combat training. Please note that the  Conventional Fighter Support type is available to all Formations. New players registering their accounts will default to the Battle Formation.



Battle formations form the bulk of the modern military, promoting a dynamic, flexible approach to combat.
This is the default formation for all new players.

Factory: Medium, Heavy
Reserve: Any
Support: Artillery, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: None.





Assault formations are usually the heaviest and heavily-armed units and serve as the spearhead of an attack.


Factory: Heavy, Assault
Heavy, Assault
Support: Artillery, Light Infantry (w/APC), Medium Infantry
Bonus: If 50% of the player's force (rounded up) consists of Heavy- or Assault-class units, the Heavy-Assault player may add (1) additional Commander per full Lance. Light weight class units may not be designated as Commanders.




Conventional warfare specialists in the 28th century.


Factory: None [M], Any [V]

Reserve: Light, Medium [M], Any [V]
Support: Artillery, Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry (w/APC), Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: (1) additional Support unit may be added per full Lance. This unit must be chosen from the infantry type Support.

Notes: Recommended for veteran-level players due to the degree of difficulty.




Hired guns from across the Sphere of humanity. These tactical experts are prized for their martial skill. But because they have no government sponsorship, life can be difficult.


Factory: All

Reserve: None

Support: Any

Bonus: None

Notes: Recommended for veteran-level players due to the degree of difficulty.


Striker formations act as scouts and raiding forces for heavier formations.

Factory: Light, Medium, Heavy [M], Light, Medium [V]
Reserve: Light, Medium
Support: Aerospace Fighter, VTOL
Bonus: +2 to Team Initiative if all (non-Support) units have a Running/Flanking speed of 8 MP or greater.

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