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An army's Unit Formation will heavily influence the units they bring to the field. Regiments are trained in the use of specialized equipment, filling a defined role on the battlefield. An armored company is likely to specialize in the use of tanks, for example. When using these tools of war, the army fights efficiently. When deployed without proper equipment, a fighting force can quickly become ineffective.



Unit Formations restrict available factories and grant special bonuses to players. There are (5) General Formations and (3) Faction Formations available for each faction. Players may field any Non-Support units they wish, but are restricted to fielding the Support units listed in the Formation description. Please note that this is in addition to the "Restricted Units" list at the bottom of this page.



Support: Medium Infantry, VTOL


In the above example, the player may only field Medium-class infantry and VTOLs . They may not use, at any time, Aerospace Fighters, Artillery, Field Gunners or Foot Platoons. Note that Conventional Fighters are available as Support for all Formations.


Players will default to the Battle Formation when registering their account. Each Player's account may use  only (1) Formation at a time and may not access any other Formation unless a permanent change is made. (See "Changing Formations").




  • Factory: New units available for purchase under the Heavy Industry tab. These will be sold at the unit's Real Cost, which is available in the Unit Viewer (Help > Unit Viewer).

  • Reserve: Used units available for purchase. These will be sold at 40% of Real Cost.

  • Support: Support units that are legal for your formation to purchase/field.

  • Bonus: In-game bonuses for your, specific Formation. These may be added by the players in the MegaMek lobby.


**Note that the [M] and [V] tags denote that a description is only valid for Mechs or Vehicles.


New players must choose a Formation when registering their account.




Players may request a change of formation once every 25 XP. A new player may change his or her Formation any time between registering and gaining 25 XP, though they have to wait until 26+ XP to change again.



Commanders are required to launch all Operations. These are either (1) the most-skilled non-Support units or (2) the unit with the highest Battle Value.


Note: RPG pilot skills, such as Gunnery/Laser, Edge, etc., count as "skills" for condition (1).


Example 1: A (4/4) unit qualifies as Commander in an army of (4/5) pilots.

Example 2: A (4/5) with Maneuvering Ace would command an army of (4/5) pilots with no other skills.

Example 3: A 2/3 unit with 1,500 BV is in the same army as a 4/5 whose most expensive unit is 2,000 BV. The player may choose either as Commander.


Units classified as "support units" are limited to (1) per full Lance of Mechs and/or Vehicles deployed. Support units do not count toward this total and are not subject to weight class restrictions. Available support unit types are listed under the "Support" category in the Unit Formation description.

     • Artillery
     • Aerospace Fighter ***
     • Conventional Fighter
     • Heavy Infantry

     • Light Infantry (w/APC) **
     • Medium Infantry  *
     • PA/L Squad
     • VTOL

* Medium Infantry refers to Motorized, Mechanized, Wheeled or Hover infantry.

** Infantry (w/APC) refers to Foot Platoons and any infantry with less than 2 MP. Players with this Support Unit may deploy (2) Foot Platoons or (1) platoon with an APC.

*** Aerospace units must start the game at 0 Thrust. Players cannot add Velocity in the lobby.




Conventional Fighters are available to all Formations. Aerospace Fighters are only available to Formations which include Aerospace Fighter as a Support slot.




Bonuses described in the "Bonuses" section of each formation may be applied in the MegaMek lobby (e.g.: Team Initiative bonus, delayed deployment, etc.). Any bonus dependent upon a "full Lance" refers to (4) non-Support Mechs and/or Vehicles.




     • Burke Defense Tanks are restricted to (2) per full Lance.

     • Hover tanks are restricted to (1) per full Lance.

     • Weapon Carrier, Tracked (LB-10X)  are restricted to (1) per full Lance.

     • Mortar Carrier (Standard)  are restricted to (1) per full Lance.


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