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Download the client


Account Name

You may use any name you wish for your account. However, we prefer the names of canon units to keep the 'feel' of the era intact (Example: 10th Marik Militia). All canon unit names in the 2765 era are listed on your Faction Page.

Step 1
Choose a Faction. (Campaign > Other > Defect)

Step 2
Choose a Unit Formation. Unit Formations determine which factories and reserve bays you will
have access to, restrictions to army building, and which bonuses you receive. Your default Formation will be Battle Formation, but you may request from a Moderator to change to another. Even if you do not change initially, you will be offered another chance automatically after your first game. Link: Unit Formations

Step 3
Purchase your starting hangar.
You will begin the campaign with $65,000,000 Star League Dollars (SLD) and 4 Requisition Points (RP). Under the Heavy Industry tab, you may buy:


Reserve Units: Click on the shopping cart icon to buy a random, "used" unit. These will be 40% of the cost of new units and are suggested for a first buy-through.

New Units: Click directly on the factory icon to buy a new unit. These units will be the most costly, giving you the exact unit the factory produces. When you hover the mouse cursor over the factory, text will display what the factory makes, just above the "Buy New" and "Buy Used" buttons. All prices are in Real Cost. See the Unit Viewer. (Help > Unit Viewer) for exact pricing.


Requisition Points: Requisition Points can be used to buy any type or weight class of unit. The following menu options are used to buy Support Units. (Campaign > Other > Use RP)


Light Infantry > Foot Platoons

Medium Infantry > Mechanized Infantry

Heavy Infantry > Field Gunners

Light BattleArmor > APC

Medium BattleArmor > Artillery

Light ProtoMek > VTOL

Light Aero > Conventional Aero

Medium Aero > Aerospace Fighter


Note: Conventional (Light) Aero are available to all Formations, by default.

Step 4
Customize your hangar. Purchase ammunition loads and build armies. You should purchase Technicians as well, since you will need to repair your units after battle. (Campaign > Personnel > Techs/Pilots)


Step 5

Review the Rules section of the website. This will cover the server's basic rules, including code of conduct, restricted units, known bugs and details on the attack options (Operations) you have for play.



Once you've finished, get to know the other players and just have fun! Any questions can be directed to Moderators (noted by an asterisk by their name) or an Administrator (@ symbol).

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