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    Mankind has been united under a single banner for the first time in history. Under the governing body known as the Star League, the galaxy's ten greatest empires have entered a new age of prosperity, achieving technological wonders no one could have imagined. The untold billions of citizens now have the opportunity to live in an era of utopian peace.


       ...Or so the history books would have us believe.


     Behind the façade of trade and cooperation, man's eternal greed and lust  for power lays in wait. The Lords of the five Great Houses scheme and plot against one-another, creating shadowy feuds and conflicts which threaten to undermine the Great Experiment. Each member jockeys for position to become the driving force behind the League's might, blinding them to a greater evil being conjured in the darkness of the Periphery.



      MEKWARS DOMINION allows players to participate in this pivotal age of BattleTech history. Players work to strengthen their faction's position within the League, conquering land, creating trade alliances, controlling factory output and experience the era's most iconic battles, including the Star League Civil War.


      Download the Client now and join the fight!

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