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Commander: Most-skilled or highest-BV unit in a Lance. Note that RPG skills (Maneuvering Ace, Edge, etc.) are counted in addition to Piloting and Gunnery levels for your "most-skilled" unit. Support Units cannot qualify as Commanders.

Lance: (4) Non-Support Units ('Mechs and/or Vehicles)

Support Units: Aerospace Fighters, APCs, Artillery, Conventional Fighters, Light Infantry (w/APC), Medium Infantry, Heavy Infantry, & VTOL



Players are required to use a canon unit name for their account. Canon unit names may be found on sites such as and in the various books published by Catalyst Game Labs. As most people go by an internet handle, this may be added to the player's fluff if so desired.



Games are balanced by BV and/or Tonnage. Announcing a Battle Value or desired Tonnage in Main Channel is a solicitation for play. Players will then match BV and/or Tonnage within 200 BV  or 5% total Tonnage of your posted value.


The server's minimum BV for a legal Operation is 4,000 BV.


To determine attacker and defender, players use the /roll command. The player with the higher roll is attacker and the losing roll is defender. The attacker declares the planet and BV range for the game, allowing the defender time to build an appropriate army. It is customary for the person winning an attack roll to play the defender in the next arranged game.




Always behave in a polite and appropriate manner. Remember that this server works to entertain its visitors and that you should treat others as you wish to be treated. Behavior considered rude or offensive will not be tolerated and should be repoted to a Moderator or Administrator.




Players must make an effort to move forward and engage their opponent, even if it means surrendering partial cover or the high ground. A minimum of (1) unit must be within firing distance for an army to "camp", i.e.: hold position.


Example 1: Army A starts the game with partial cover. Army B begins in open terrain. In this case, Army A must leave their cover to engage the enemy.


Example 2: Army A starts the game with partial cover. However, their army includes an AC2 Carrier which can reach the opponent. They may stay entrenched in cover as long as they are able to engage their opponent with hostile, direct fire.




Players are allowed to add their Commander Initiative Bonus and any bonuses described in their Unit Formation. This includes altering Quirks, RPG skills, Team Initiative Bonus and adding Mines.


Altering all other settings in MegaMek is prohibited and considered "cheating". Players suspecting their opponent of unlawfully altering settings should contact a Moderator or Administrator immediately.



  • Conventional Fighters are allowed for and available to all Formations. Aerospace Fighters are only allowed for Formations with with 'Aerospace Fighter' Support Unit slot.

  • Players who are unfamiliar with Aero may request a 'no Aero' game from their opponent. If this is done, the opponent may request that another Support type not be fielded.


Example 1: Player A requests that Player B not field Aero. Player B then requests Player A not field Artillery.




  • Half Roll and Barrel Roll may not be used for a free facing change.

  • Side Slip must travel the full 16 hexes.


Failure to abide by these rules is considered 'exploiting a bug.' This rule will be changed once a fix is coded.



Commanders are required to launch all Operations (right-click on the unit -> Set Commander). These are always the non-support units with the most BV or units with the most RPG Skills and pilot/gunnery levels. All skills except Natural Aptitude and Survivalist count toward this total.


A maximum (1) Commander per full Lance of non-Support units may be assigned, unless the Formaiton description states otherwise. Support Units may not be designated as Commanders.


Example 1: A (4/4) would be Commander in an army of (4/5) pilots.

Example 2: A (4/5) with Maneuvering Ace would command an army of (4/5) pilots with no other skills.

Example 3: A 2,000 BV unit would be Commander in an army where every other unit is under 2,000 BV.




All players are allowed (1) Remap before any of their own units are deployed. Unit Formation bonuses may reduce or increase this number.

If a scenario gives a map which causes an impossible or restricted deployment (such as an all-water or "island" deployment), an additional remap should be granted.


The server rules require players to choose a Unit Formation at the time their account is registered.  Restrictions and bonuses must be followed by all players.





Any violation of the Unit Formation restrictions is left to the discretion of the opponent, Admins and Moderators. If the opponent is comfortable playing as-is, the game may continue. If they wish to cancel or force a forfeit, they may do so. Keep in mind that newer players (under 5 XP) may be unfamiliar with Formation rules and that latitude should be given in such cases.



Units classified as "support units" are limited to (1) per full Lance of Mechs and/or Vehicles deployed. Support units do not count toward this total and are not subject to weight class restrictions. Available support unit types are listed under the "Support" category in the Unit Formation description.

     • Artillery
     • Aerospace Fighter***
     • Conventional Fighter***
     • Heavy Infantry

     • Light Infantry (w/APC) **
     • Medium Infantry*
     • PA/L Squad
     • VTOL


* Medium Infantry refers to Motorized, Mechanized, Wheeled or Hover infantry.

** Light Infantry (w/APC) refers to Foot Platoons and any infantry with less than 2 MP. Players with this Support Unit may deploy (2) Foot Platoons or (1) platoon with an APC.
*** Aerospace units must start the game at 0 Thrust. Players cannot add Velocity in the lobby.




Bonuses described in the description of each formation may be applied in the MegaMek lobby. Any bonus dependent upon a "full Lance" refers to non-Support Mechs and Vehicles only.




     • Burke Defense Tanks are restricted to (2) per full Lance.

     • Alacorn Mk. VI is restricted to (1) per full Lance.

     • Hover tanks are restricted to (1) per full Lance.

     • Mortar Carrier (Standard) are restricted to (1) per full Lance.

     • Weapon Carrier, Tracked (LB-10X)  are restricted to (1) per full Lance.



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