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Army Skill Sum: All units' Pilot Skill Sums, divided by number of units. (9 + 8 + 9 / 3 units=  Skill Sum 8.6) This number is available by hovering the mouse pointer over the Army name in the Headquarters tab.

Pilot Skill Sum: Sum of the Piloting + Gunnery score. (ex.: Gunnery 4 + Piloting 5=Skill Sum of 9)

Skill Sum Max: Lowest (best) skill sum allowed.

Skill Sum Min: Highest (worst) skill sum allowed.

Opponent Min: Lowest (best) skill sum qualifying an opponent to be attacked. This is used to avoid highly leveled armies being 'spammed' by 4/5 militia.






The basic attack, this Operation requires the least amount of skill from its troops to participate. It is generally available to all players and at all times. The land gain and payout is among the lowest of all Operations.


Army Skill Sum Max: Any

Army Skill Sum Min: Any

Cost: 5 Influence




The standard attack for all Factions, the general assault utilizes a faction's front-line troops to get the job done. Armies are of better quality than the militia forces fighting in a Skirmish.


Army Skill Sum Max: 5

Army Skill Sum Min: 8

Opponent Min: 10

Cost: 2,500,000 SLD + 30 Influence (Attacker)




A committed invasion of enemy territory using the most-skilled forces available. The attacking player receives artillery support, while the defender receives mine fields. Pre-Arranged versions of this Operation intended to be 'balanced' games should be made by tonnage and skill-sum only. Units with a higher skill sum than 8 (i.e.: 4/5 units) may not participate as members of the attacking player's force.

Note: Defender mine fields are at a 10-point strength, maximum.


Minimum BV: 8,000


Army Skill Sum Max: Open

Army Skill Sum Min: 7.6

Cost: 5,000,000 SLD + 50 Influence (Attacker)






Conducted on worlds in the Terran Hegemony, the Training operation is a simulator designed to hone an army's skills. This Operation is legal against any Faction, though the pay is low and pilots will gain limited experience.


Aero: Aerospace Fighter or Conventional

Cost: None

Note: Commander skill sum requirements are suspended for all Formations.





Mercenary Contract

Mercenaries are skilled tradesmen, hired by House military for the toughest jobs. Although the risk is high, the payout more than equals the risk.


Army Skill Sum Max: 6.5

Army Skill Sum Min: 8.5

Cost: 1,000,000 SLD + 10 Flu


Note: This operation is available to the "Mercenary" Formation only.





Deep Incursion with Naval Support

Using a naval escort, players penetrate farther into enemy territory than possible with a simple Skirmish or Assault. The land gain is lower than an Assault and the Operation uses valuable resources.


Army Skill Sum Max: 8

Cost: 1,000,000 SLD + 15 Influence





Commerce Raid

Factions send a veteran force to secure enemy technology from heavily-guarded factories. Victorious players may keep the units some of the stolen units from enemy factories and will destroy some of the parts and units it makes.


Army Skill Sum Max: Any

Pilot Skill Sum Min: 8.1 (Attacker only)

Minimum Attacker BV: 8,000

Cost: 3,000,000 SLD + 50 Influence






A quick strike from an Aero-only force against a Ground-only force.


Pilot Skill Sum Min: None

Pilot Skill Sum Max: None

Minimum Attacker BV: 5,000

Cost: 1,000,000 SLD + 10 Influence (Attacker)



Attacker may only bring Aerospace or Conventional fighters and does not declare a Commander. Defender may bring ground units only.


Victory Conditions:



  • 50% BV Destroyed

  • Commander Killed



  • 50% BV Destroyed



Defenders may have (2) units with Anti-Aircraft Targeting enabled per full Lance. There is no restriction on the number of units with Flak or Cluster munitions.



Orbital Engagement

The standard Aerospace operation occuring in orbit above a planet. Factions attempt to gain aerial superiority to secure a landing zone.


Army Skill Sum Max: 7


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