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As the League's Heavy forces, the Atrean Dragoons act as the spearhead of a House Marik's forces. As a tactical doctrine, the Dragoons lean heavily on artillery bombardment to soften up their target.

Factory: Heavy, Assault

Reserve: Heavy, Assault
Support: Artillery, Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry (w/APC), Medium Infantry
Bonus: May add (1) additional Commander per full Lance if at least 50% of the army fielded is of Heavy or Assault class. At least (1) Commander per Lance must be Heavy or Assault class.

Attacking: Atrean Dragoon players may add (1) additional Artillery piece.



The Free Worlds League's elite troops, the Marik Militia receive the best equipment and logistical support.

Factory: Any [M], None [V]

Reserve: Medium, Heavy

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: 'Mechs and Infantry with a skill sum of 7 or better may be assault dropped during deployment. Infantry with no anti-Mech skill must have a Gunnery of 3 or better.




Tactically, the Oriente Fusiliers work in close conjunction with their air wing to provide necessary support for an assault.

Factory: Light, Medium, Heavy [M], Light, Medium [V]

Reserve: Light, Medium

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: +1 to Team Initiative if all (non-Support) units have a Running/Flanking speed of 8 or greater. If all (non-Support) units having a Running/Flanking speed of 9 or greater, an additional +1 initiative bonus may be added.

Overrun: In lieu of adding any Team Initiative bonus, players may deactivate Front-Loaded Initiative in the MegaMek lobby. Units are still required to be 8 Running/Flanking MP or greater.

Aero Bonus: When deploying Aero units, players may attach (1) standard, HE bombs to each fighter in the MegaMek lobby.

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