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Traditionally the workhorse of the Davion armies, Hussar formations are light, fast and carry significant advantages, whether attacking or defending.

Factory: Light, Medium, Heavy

Reserve: Medium, Heavy [M], Light, Medium [V]

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Artillery, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: +1 to Team Initiative if all (non-Support) units have a Running/Flanking speed of 8 or greater.

Attacking: If the army skill sum of all (non-Support) units is 8.4 or better, an additional +1 initiative bonus may be added.

Defending: Avalon Hussars may add one additional Support Unit per full army.




The home guard units of the AFFS, the Davion Guards are deployed along the frontier to stand against hostile incursion. They are the best line of defense against House Kurita.

Factory: Heavy, Assault

Reserve: Heavy, Assault

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Artillery,  Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry (w/APC)
Bonus: Players may add (1) additional Commander per full Lance. At least (1) Commander per Lance must be Heavy or Assault class.

Attacking: Davion Guards may request an additional Remap.

Defending: Davion Guards may set deployment to Edge and choose a deployment zone, with the opponent choosing the opposing edge. If this option is used, the Davion Guards player may not use his/her remap option.




Since the days of the Reunification War, the Dragonlords acted as the vanguard of the Federated Suns military. Tactically flexible and well-equipped, the Dragonlords push their opponents to the edge of their abilities.

Factory: Any

Reserve: Medium, Heavy [M], None [V]

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Artillery, VTOL
Bonus: Units with a skill sum of 7 or better may be Assault Dropped at the start of the scenario.

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