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The reconnaissance and raiding arm of the DCMS, the Arkab Legion is used to fighting with lighter machines and in the harshest of terrain.

Factory: Light, Medium, Heavy
[M], Light Medium [V]

Reserve: Light, Medium

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Mechanized Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: +1 to Team Initiative if all (non-Support) units have a Running/Flanking speed of 8 or greater. If all (non-Support) units have a Running/Flanking speed of 9 or greater, an additional +1 can be added.


Hover Tank Bonus: Arkab Legions disregard any restrictions on the number of Hover Tanks they may add in each army.




The oldest of the DCMS forces, the Hussars pre-date the formation of the Combine itself. They are specialists at mobile warfare but lose their edge when on the defensive.

Factory: None [M], Any [V]

Reserve: Light [M], Any [V]

Support: Artillery, Heavy Infantry, Light Infantry (w/APC), Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: If the Proserpina Hussars force fields at least one Hover Tank per full or partial Lance, they may choose to force their opponents to deploy before round 2.

Attacking: +1 to Team Initiative.

Infantry Bonus: (1) additional Medium or Heavy Infantry platoon may be fielded per full Lance.




The elite combat units of the DCMS, the iconic Sword of Light are deployed into every important conflict.

Factory: Any

Reserve: Medium, Heavy [M], None [V]

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Artillery, Heavy Infantry
Bonus: If Commander skill sum is 8 or better, players may add +1 to Team Initiative.

Overrun: In lieu of adding any Team Initiative bonus, players may deactivate Front-Loaded Initiative in the MegaMek lobby. Commander must still be skill sum 8 or better.


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