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Experts in dueling and considered the Confederation's honor guard, the Chargers are assigned to guard the Chancellor's most valued assets.

Factory: Medium, Heavy, Assault

Reserve: Medium, Heavy
Support: Aerospace Fighter, Light Platoon (w/APC), Medium Infantry
Bonus: 'Mechs with a skill sum of 7 or better may activate the Pilot Trait 'Melee Specialist' in the MegaMek lobby. Capellan Chargers may make an additional re-map when attacking. 





These elite, personal forces of the Chancellor are hand-picked from across the CCAF. Their ability to counter their opponents' advantage makes them a terrifying opponent.

Factory: Any

Reserve: Medium, Heavy [M], None [V]

Support: Artillery, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: +1 to Team Initiative.

Tactical Expertise: In lieu of the +1 initiative bonus, the Capellan Hussars player may choose to negate an opponent's formation bonus. This includes additional remaps, assault drops, delayed deployment, map edge deployment, and overrun.





Masters of scouting and harassment, the Chesterton Cavalry have marshalled their limited resources into an effective force.

Factory: Light, Medium, Heavy [M]

Reserve: Light, Medium

Support: Aerospace Fighter, Artillery, Medium Infantry, VTOL
Bonus: +1 to Team Initiative if all (non-Support) units have 8 Running/Flanking MP or greater. If at least (1) non-Support vehicle is deployed per full or partial  Lance, an additional +1 can be added.

Infantry: Chesterton Cavalry may deploy an additional Infantry Platoon per full Lance.

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